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Steps to Take If You Lose a Transponder Key

Losing a transponder key can be daunting, no matter where you are. If you happen to lose your car key, your first thought might be to panic, because who knows if it ended up in a criminal’s hands, and how are you supposed to gain access to your vehicle? These are common concerns as we come to rely on convenient items in our lives like keys. Whether you have a Mazda or a Lexus, or any other type of vehicle, a locksmith should be able to help you when you misplace a transponder key. Irving, Texas has some very reputable businesses, to include Locksmith Irving TX. They have been known to help with transponder key programming and duplication, and various other services. This is just an example of one business that might be helpful. No matter where you are in the country, just do a quick Google search for a local locksmith, and you are sure to find plenty of results.

What to do if it is merely the transponder chip missing

Whether you actually lost the transponder piece of the key, or lost the entire key, help is out there. The transponder chip can in fact come out of the key, for instance, if they key dropped and opened up upon hitting the ground. If you didn’t realize the transponder chip was missing until you left the parking lot you were in, then you are going to need to call an expert because obviously you won’t be able to salvage the old chip if you cannot find it. If you are unsure of whether or not the transponder chip is gone, try replacing the battery. Often times, people confuse a dead battery with a missing transponder chip. If you are sure the chip is gone, call a local locksmith so that they can program a new chip into the key. A professional will make things look simple, but it is a good idea to have an expert handle this type of task. Of course, your car’s dealership should have the equipment to program a key on hand, but it might be a cheaper option to go with a local locksmith.

What to do if the entire transponder key has disappeared

Often times, people have back-ups of their keys. But let’s face it – sometimes this just isn’t the case, but it shouldn’t mean you lose access to your belongings, especially your vehicle. In lieu of purchasing a new transponder key, you could purchase a basic key that doesn’t come with a transmitter. While this isn’t the most convenient option, it will end up being very affordable. Of course, the key will not start your car’s engine, but if your transponder key happened to get lost inside your vehicle, you will be able to recover it if you opt to go this route rather than calling a professional for lockout help.

You can go to your dealership for a transponder key replacement, but be forewarned that you will likely have to pay anywhere up to $200 for this replacement, and that doesn’t necessarily include labor costs. The better best is to use a local locksmith.

Locksmiths in Irving, Texas tend to charge very competitive rates for services in order to gain business.

Steps to take to avoid getting stuck without a key

Car owners, home owners and commercial property owners should pay attention to the security of their property. Anyone can misplace a key at any given time, so it is always a great idea to have a back-up. Whether a trusted neighbor has a spare key, a family member or a colleague, you should always have a copy of your key created and left in the hands of someone you trust. Think about it – if you lose your transponder key, you will want someone to have a copy. Or, you could have a copy kept in your own home, perhaps in a safe. There are definitely steps that can be taken to avoid having to rush out to have someone create a new key for you. You can talk to your dealership when you purchase a new car about having spare transponder keys created. They are likely to cut you a better deal while they are trying to gain your business in buying a vehicle.

Did You Know…

You might actually be able to find a replacement transponder key, fob or smart key on eBay? So many items can be found on the internet, and these keys are no exception. The only thing you might have to worry about is the fact that you risk the key not working, or not being compatible with your vehicle. The device should be guaranteed to be from a reputable, original manufacturer – this can be difficult to realize when purchasing something online.

Other Tips

You might be talked into buying lost key insurance if you go to purchase a replacement transponder key. Realistically, the cost of buying lost key insurance is comparable to what you would just pay for a spare key. So if you are worried about losing the key again, it is best to just keep a spare handy. Key insurance tends to be overpriced.

Think about buying a key locator device if you tend to misplace keys frequently. You can get something like this on a site such as Amazon, and the cost will usually be less than $50. Say you lose your keys frequently around your own house. This device would be helpful. It might not provide a wide enough range, though, if you lose your key somewhere larger, such as in a shopping mall.
Keep your transponder keys safe, and remember that if you need transponder key replacement in Irving, TX, there are locksmiths in the area that would be happy to help you out.

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