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Why Panic Bars Are Important in Commercial Properties

As a local Irving, TX business owner or operator you want what’s best for your firm. This includes your staff, your customers and your goods. Panic bars can play a vital role in protecting your commercial property so it’s a good idea to know about them and start using them at your business.

A Little History

Panic bars were invented back in the early 1900’s. Fires were becoming more prevalent and panic bars were designed to allow people to exit a building quickly and safely and not become trapped inside. Modern panic bars are also known as push bars, crash bars or exit devices. If you are not familiar with these terms you’ll have that “ah ha!” moment when you see your next one and recognize it as a panic bar.

Panic bars are almost always found in commercial properties. They are horizontal bars of made of metal that are also spring loaded and allow the exit door to open easily from the inside. These doors will always open outward as opposed to inward since they are not entrance doors. During an emergency, the panic bar allows the locked door to open and staff, visitors and patrons can now freely exit. Once the horizontal bar is pushed the exit door unlatches allowing for safe and fast exit from the building, store or room.

Panic Bars are Everywhere!

Like we said earlier; you’ll recognize one the next time you see it. Panic bars are commonly found in any public building that has one or more exit doors. These can include schools, restaurants, movie theaters, mall shops, warehouses, government offices, storage facilities, gyms, community centers, fast food outlets and hundreds more. Some panic bars allow exit into yet another part of the building like in the case of mall shops whose back door opens onto an interior hallway.

Should you get Panic Bars?

There are many reasons why you might want to have panic bars installed at your location. Here are a few:

They may be required – Check with your building codes department. Each locale varies and you’ll want maximum safety for your property and location while not opening yourself up to legal problems, lawsuits or fines if you are not up to code.
They are not expensive – Do your due diligence and shop around. Get free price quotes and written estimates from builders, construction firms and from local Irving, TX locksmith shops that offer commercial lock and key services. Many times you may qualify for a discount if you have more than one door that needs a panic bar installed. Be sure to ask about warranties and labor costs too. See if they are included in the price that was quoted to you. Never assume; ask questions and keep track of the answers that you get. Here at Locksmith Irving TX we offer free, no obligation consultations as well affordable rates on panic bars and their installation.

Enjoy increased safety– If you have a fire, burglary attempt or flood situation your building occupants will want to exit in a safe and fast manner. They will NOT want to be turning a door knob or attempting to unlock anything during times like these. Seeing that you have workable and well-lit exit doors with usable panic bars adds peace of mind and increased order and exit flow to any evacuation.

Panic bars are effective – This is one invention that has proven itself worthy time after time. Public safety has been enhanced by having panic bars installed on exit doors and the numbers are so impressive that in many places OSHA requires their installation, maintenance and use! (See “they may be required” above).

Panic bars offer enhanced security – Exit doors using panic bars are still locked on the outside. People are free to exit your premises when pressing on the horizontally installed metal panic bar but others cannot enter from the outside as the door is still locked for them.

Panic bars give you options – When you check with your local commercial Irving, TX locksmith shops you will be offered a variety of panic bar options and upgrades. Be sure to ask questions and get answers as to how each one can benefit your establishment or not. Some of these include alarms, crossbars, vertical exit devices, outside door key handles, glass exit door options and many more. Even silent panic bars are available using motorized latch retraction for quieter operation. Hospitals, nursing homes, offices, libraries and hotels often use this option for maximum noise reduction when in use. Locksmith Irving TX offers all of these options along with others that may be suited for your particular building or location. Our mobile commercial locksmiths will cheerfully answer any of your questions and present you with free price quotes, convenient service appointments, free consultations and further information on service, labor and warranties.

Panic bars can even lower your insurance costs- Every business owner pays for insurance. Most major insurance companies offer a reduction in premiums if you have panic bars installed on your exit doors. They realize that the increased safety afforded by these safety bars cuts down on injury, death and the lawsuits that can result from them. Not having panic bars opens up commercial operators to untold risks if a panic situation or disaster was to occur. One of the first items that an injury attorney will look for is if all safety precautions and measures were in place at the time of the injury or death.

Panic bars work on most surfaces – We are often asked if a metal exit door must be in place in order to add a proper panic bar. The answer is no. Panic bars are now available for aluminum doors, wood doors, glass doors and of course your standard steel door.

Final Tips

Be sure to use a licensed, bonded and insured commercial locksmith or builder to purchase and install your panic bar ensemble. Locksmith Irving TX offers fast, professional service that is always convenient, expertly done and affordable.

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