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Lock and Key Types

Close your eyes and think “locks and keys.” What do you see? We bet that the traditional padlock and bladed key forms an image in your head and why shouldn’t it? These are the long standing traditional locking mechanisms going back hundreds of years. To be truthful, locks and keys have been used successfully for thousands of years. Even the Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians used locks, keys and security precautions to protect their valuables. Locksmith Irving TX has put together this post to introduce you to some of the varied kinds of locks and keys so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to repair, replace, or upgrade yours.

Deadbolt locks

The poor deadbolt lock; it’s not fancy, expensive or very impressive looking. Is it worth having one? You better believe it is! In case you are not sure, a deadbolt lock comes in single and double cylinder forms. The single cylinder is the most widely used. It has a knob on one side for turning and a key slot on the other. When you lock your deadbolt, the bolt part of it slides into an opening in the wall. The double cylinder lock has no knobs to turn and a key must be used as each side has a slot for one of the bolts. This lock offers double protection but is often against building codes and fire department regulations as you need the key to lock and unlock it.

Why are deadbolts so important? This is because they provide a strong second line of defense when an unauthorized person is trying to get inside your home, office, or store. This is true not only here in Irving, TX but wherever else they are installed or used. If a burglar is able to get past your main door lock, they are now faced with an additional lock to bypass. Most of the time, this deadbolt lock is just too much of a time-eating hurdle and the crook will simply give up. Having a second lock also give the resident time to call for help or to secure a firearm!

Transponder keys

We all know what a car key looks like; transponder keys look pretty much the same as the rest. The metal key blade with cuts and grooves is held by a larger rounded head that is encased in rubber. Here’s the difference; a transponder key has a computer chip embedded in that head. This chip sends a signal to your car’s computer when you turn the ignition. If the computer recognizes the signal, your car starts! If not, you can forget about driving anywhere!

Transponder keys need to be programmed before they work and since this process is usually expensive and time consuming, car thieves don’t bother. This is why the rate of auto theft has drastically fallen since these specialized keys have been introduced on the market.Programming or duplicating a transponder key is usually done by a car dealer but many local automotive locksmiths here in Irving, TX offer the exact same serve at a fraction of the price and with no towing involved.

High Security Locks

Did you know that most home door locks are actually easy to bypass? These were first installed by builders that needed to fulfil the legal requirement to construct and sell a home that had a door lock on it; no one said it had to be a GOOD lock. Unless the buyer upgraded to better-quality hardware, the same basic lock is still on the door. These locks are rather easy to pick, bump, pry, smash and kick open. At least SOME protection is provided by them so it’s best to couple your door lock with a sturdy deadbolt for added security. An even better choice is to use a combination of deadbolt lock AND high security lock. High security locks are built better and stronger and they really are pick proof, bump proof and pry proof with solid state construction that can give you lasting security and peace of mind.

Keyless entry locks

Yes, you can have locks with no keys! Keyless entry is often used in the automotive industry for added security and extra convenience. You can even unlock and start your car with your keyless remote! These specialized locks use number sequences and a keypad in place of the traditional key. Some applications use a key code, fingerprint, swipe card or plastic badge with an embedded chip to open and activate these locks. Keyless entry can be used in homes, cars, business locations, institutional applications, and can be found in museums, hospitals, schools, rest homes, jewelry stores and hundreds more!

Master locks

Most of your better Irving, TX locksmith shops offer master lock installation and conversions. Master locks allow you to have one key that opens many doors. Here at Locksmith Irving TX we too provide this valuable service that allows for greater efficiency and control over your key distribution. We like to use the example of the school janitor of old. Do you remember yours? You could hear him coming down the hall 30 doorways away! This is because of the huge number of keys he had on his belt and who can blame him? He needed keys for classrooms, offices, cafeteria, storage rooms, gym, bathrooms, lounges, entrance doors, closets and many more!

With a master key system, Mr. Janitor would have one Master key that opened ALL the locks. Master keys are perfectly suited for apartment complexes, condo rentals, office suites, hotels, motels, hospitals, rest homes, storage rentals, and lots more.

Many other kinds of locks and keys!

We’ve barely scratched the surface! There are dozens of additional kinds of locks and keys that we haven’t mentioned yet! Lock security can add peace of mind, added protection and even lower insurance premiums when used and installed correctly. We invite you to call your favorite Irving, TX locksmith shop and find out more. Most offer 24-hour emergency help, fast response times and convenient mobile service direct to your location.

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