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The Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

Nowadays, if you’d rather not fumble for your keys to get into your car, your home, or your work, there are high-tech cutting-edge keyless entry systems available to you that are easy to use. Overall, they give you more security and peace of mind than what you get with traditional keys. If you’re prone to losing your keys a lot, a keyless entry setup is ideal.

With a keyless entry system, you’ll usually have some kind of keypad. You’ll simply need to remember a string of numbers, and push the corresponding buttons to unlock the door. (Some systems allow you to use a key for locking the door as you leave.)

For your automobile, you might have a fob rather than a key, which sends a signal to your vehicle. Some even work remotely through your smart phone.

When all you have to do is know how to use a code to get into your home, then you won’t have to make duplicate keys for family members or trusted neighbors and friends. All you have to do is tell them the code and show them how to use the keypad. But of course, you can’t tell just anyone. Remember that any individual you tell could theoretically pass along that information to someone else, or heaven forbid, even turn against you and enter your home at a later time when you’re out. Therefore, it’s wise to change your code every month or two.

This practice is even more important when it comes to a keyless entry system at your place of business. Some companies may change the entry code once a month, once a week, or even multiple times per day. In some commercial buildings, there are various keyless entry points that control access not only to the people going in and out of the facility, but also access to particular areas of the building. For example, for higher-security clearance, a keycard and password may be required.

When you think about it, in the long run a keyless entry system is cheaper than having to do rekeying, change locks, or make new keys when you’re talking about typical situations that may arise, such as moving to a new residence; welcoming a new tenant or roommate; keeping out your ex-spouse; blocking access from a fired employee; and so forth.

Keep in mind that with an electronic keyless entry system, you must make sure your battery stays charged. Usually there will be an indicator light or message to remind you when the battery charge is low, so pay attention. If you are going away for a long time, such as an extended vacation, make sure your battery will last until you arrive home. Your system’s battery backup is absolutely vital, as it will keep the door closed and locked even in a power failure.

Because we need to keep private information and data confidential, both at home and in the workplace, there’s growing universal concern over the possibility of hacking, identity theft, fraud, and so on. Therefore, keyless entry systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, including such technology as locks that require biometrics, i.e., a fingerprint, a handprint, or a retina scan.

If you have children who come home from school often forgetting their keys, a keyless remote entry system is ideal, because you don’t have to worry about them being locked out if you haven’t arrived home yet. The child simply has to remember to enter the code, or use the fingerprint recognition pad to get inside.

If you decide you’d like to include biometrics as part of your keyless entry system, you’ll be absolutely sure that only the people you give acceptable clearance to will gain access to your property. A biometric reader is made to fully confirm a person’s identity by scanning that individual’s unique features. The common methods of verification already mentioned may be usurped by even more futuristic methods of identification before you know it - including voice print recognition and ear scanning, and even heartbeat identification and DNA sampling!

How many times do you misplace your keys? With a keyless remote system in place, you’ll never have to let absentmindedness stop you again. You could go out for a nice stroll around the block, walk the dog, or go for a run, and not have to take along those jangly keys with you.

In addition to the possibility of adding biometrics for entry to your business or home, there are many other innovative ways to augment your security without keys, such as installing an intercom system, adding an alarm system, using video surveillance, or putting in an electronic gate. To discourage criminal activity overall, consider adding extra security measures around the building, too, such as special lighting that is activated by motion detectors so that no potential intruder can lurk in the shadows. It’s a good thing to keep trees, bushes, and any other vegetation trimmed so there won’t be any good hiding places for a possible prowler. You can even be more creative, such as putting up alarm company signs in some of the windows and very visibly at the front of your home, indicating that you are protected by a reputable alarm company - even if it’s not true. You could put up a few obviously placed surveillance cameras, even if they’re not hooked up. A potential burglar will think twice upon seeing the evidence of alarms and surveillance, give you the benefit of the doubt, and move on. Be inventive. Even a recording of a loudly barking dog, along with a “Beware of Dog!” sign could work wonders. Deterrents to intruders and thieves can be as simple or as elaborate and you want them to be.

If your home or business is located anywhere in Irving, Texas, and you’d like to find out more about the benefits of installing a keyless entry system, there are many possibilities. It’s a good idea to schedule some time to discuss all your questions with a professional such as a staff mobile locksmith technician at Locksmith Irving TX.

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