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Deadbolts For Homeowners – Why You Need One!

Every Irving, TX home or apartment should have a trusty deadbolt installed on the front door. These small and inexpensive locks offer real peace of mind and extra security when you know their purpose and really use them. Keep reading and you’ll see how adding this simple lock can make your residence better protected almost immediately. Locksmith Here at Locksmith Irving TX we not only can supply you with a large selection of deadbolt locks, we offer convenient and very affordable installation service to go with itIrving TX regularly installs residential deadbolts in the local area and our customers love the extra security and protection they add to their homes. We invite you to read our post here and then call us or your favorite residential locksmith shop and have one installed on your front door. Of course you can install your own deadbolt but just make sure that you purchase a solid and well made one and that it is installed securely so that it does its job reliably and whenever needed.

Why Do I Need A Deadbolt? I Already Have A Door Lock!

If one is good; two are better! We are serious! Consider this; a burglar is trying to access your home and has just finished picking your door lock. Imagine his (or her) surprise when he or she is now faced with an additional hurdle; your deadbolt! Having to now bypass your securely installed deadbolt also allows you more time to arm yourself, secure you family, call for help or even record your intruder’s actions! As you can see, a good deadbolt lock enhances your door lock; it doesn’t replace it. . Local customers love the no-cost, no-obligation consultations that we offer so be sure to sign up for one and find out more about better home security using deadbolts!

Different Kinds of Deadbolts

There are different kinds of deadbolt locks so it’s best to get the right one for your needs, and by learning more about them, you’ll do just that. The model you are probably most familiar with is the single cylinder deadbolt. This is the most commonly used one. It is accessed from the outside with a key and from the inside with a knob. Please do not install these on doors with a glass window next to it. All the intruder has to do is break the window and reach in and turn the knob to get inside.
Most Irving, TX lock shops also offer the double cylinder deadbolt lock. These need a key to access on either side. Since there are no knobs to turn, an intruder shattering your glass window will still be unable to unlock the door. Double cylinderdeadbolts offer better security and are not expensive. They DO have one drawback – you need your key handy in order to unlock it. During an emergency, this could be a problem if you don’t! One smart way to use the very best of deadbolt technology is to have a keyless cylinder deadbolt installed. There are no keys involved with this model. Instead, they use fingerprint scans or password codes to lock and unlock them. While not all locksmith shops in Irving, TX offer these, you can call around to find one that does or just rely on Locksmith Irving TX to supply you with one or more of these trusty deadbolt models.

Do It Yourself

Are you into DIY? Many times, doing jobs yourself can pay big dividends by 1) saving you cash, and 2) helping you learn a new skill. All of the main lock manufacturers offer residential deadbolts so be sure to shop around and compare prices, customer reviews and warranty coverage on the models that interest you. You can check shopping sites like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Home Depot as well as shop locally from department stores and other locksmith shops.

Deadbolts Are Tough!

A good deadbolt is rugged and hard to bypass. They are hard to pick open and impervious to lock bumping, crowbars, hammers and knives. While not infallible, deadbolts do offer a much needed second line of security against unwanted intruders, burglars, home invaders and anyone else that simply needs to say out! They can thwart crooks by frustrating them while they give you extra time to call 911 or arm yourself. While many common locks are made of tin and are hollow, many deadbolts are sturdier and made of steel. Even if a burglar can bypass your main door lock, they almost always give up when faced with a well installed deadbolt.

Make Sure Your Deadbolt Is Installed Correctly!!!!!

Did you notice all the exclamation points above? It’s because we can’t emphasize this enough. If you buy a cheaply made, flimsy deadbolt and install it incorrectly or just slightly loose; you might as well not even bother.  Not only will your deadbolt be ineffective, it will be easy to pry off with a ball point pen! Please don’t be tempted to short cut this valuable piece of lock hardware – choose a solid deadbolt that fits your door and have it installed by professionals or at least according to the instructions that were included with the purchase. Locksmith Irving TX offers free consultations and free price quotes, so why not take advantage of our wide range of deadbolt options, our affordable prices and our fast, convenient installation times and have our friendly technicians install one (or more) for you?

Think about it – that deadbolt on your front door can be a valuable protection for you and your loved ones. Just because you haven’t been robbed or burglarized before doesn’t mean that it can’t happen at any time. With today’s increase in crime, gangs and drug problems, it can’t hurt to ensure that your home is equipped with a solid state deadbolt that is securely and firmly attached to your home’s structure. The bolt should extend deeply into your frame when extended and the hardware itself should be solid and firmly attached. Think of your deadbolt as extra insurance against residential crime as well as home improvement material that increases its overall value!

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