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Lost Your Transponder Key?

Some of us can’t stand the idea of losing our transponder key. Since it offers the convenience of opening and starting our car without the key in the ignition, it offers the level of convenience that makes life easy. It also gives us peace-of-mind in knowing that our car can’t be stolen. If you lose your transponder key, it may cause you to go into panic mode. However, be assured that a locksmith, such as, Locksmith Irving TX, would be happy to assist you in getting another transponder key. In Irving, TX, there are locksmiths who have the experience needed to handle the job of getting you exactly what you need to get you back on the road again.

When You Have Lost Your Transponder Key

Sometimes when we are accustomed to the convenience of things, we stop thinking of the most practical ways to handle a situation. What did we use before transponder keys were ever an option? We used a standard key to gain access to our cars. Since most people only have one transponder key per vehicle, it isn’t always possible use a spare key. This is because transponder keys are a lot more expensive than a standard key. The most logical thing to do, in order to make sure you always have access to your car, is to have a standard car key made to act as your spare key. Although this is a bit of an inconvenience, it is a quick solution when you have lost your entire transponder key inside your car. You don’t have to continue using it, but it will certainly come in handy until you can find locate your transponder key. Although this key will not start your car, it will at least give you access back into your car to either see if the transponder key is inside or wait for an Irving, TX locksmith to arrive to program another transponder key for you.

Missing Transponder Chip

The transponder chip can fall out of the actual key if it hits the ground or any hard surface too hard. You might not even notice that the chip is missing until you head back to your car and it won’t work. In this case, you’ll have to depend on a mobile locksmith service to assist you in reprogramming a new chip. They can also let you know if it is, in fact, the chip that is missing and not the battery. Some people mistake a missing battery for a missing chip. Although dealerships can also provide you with a new transponder chip and program it for you, it is generally far less expensive to rely on the services of a local Irving TX, locksmith. They now have the same equipment that the dealership has, to program your new chip.

Always Be Prepared

It isn’t unheard of for someone to lose a car key. It is common, especially since people are so busy these days. You can drop you key without ever knowing it. This is why it is always best if you have a spare key, somewhere. You could give a spare key to a trusted neighbor, family member or work colleague. If you can’t get it into the hands of someone you trust, at least have another transponder key in your home for someone to bring to you in the event that you should happen to lose or misplace yours. This enables you to avoid the added expense of having a new transponder key made. Why spend more money than you have too? In some cases, a dealership might offer you another transponder key in an effort to earn your business. Take them up on their offer.

You might think that it would be best to purchase some sort of insurance policy to protect you in case you lose our transponder key. The reality is that it would be more practical for you to simply buy another key. Lost key insurance just isn’t worth it. If you are prone to losing your key, the best thing for you to do is make sure you have another key made and safely placed in the hands of someone who can bring it to you when you need it. Just remember that if you never find your initial transponder key and you are using your spare, at some point, you’ll need to replace your spare key.

Buying a Transponder Key & other Key Accessories

If you have lost your transponder key on several occasions and realize that this can become a costly item for you to replace every time you lose it, why not purchase your next one online. There are some reliable resources online that sell transponder keys, such as, eBay. However, just make sure that the key comes from a reputable manufacturer and that there is some type of return policy if the key is not compatible with your vehicle.

Another thing that might come in handy for someone who is prone to losing things is a key locator. This is something that is really only useful if you often misplace things in your home. It will be able to determine where the item is so that you can at least find out sooner than later whether or not the key is in your house or not. You save valuable time with a key locator. This can also be purchased online. The advantage to buying these items online is that they are cheaper. The only downside to buying something like this online is that you’re not sure that when you get it home, it will work. We advise you to make sure you are able to return the item for a full refund if you are not able to use it for the purpose intended.

Remember it is often less expensive to rely on the services of a professional Irving, TX, locksmith than it is to turn to a local car dealership when you lose your transponder key.

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