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Keyless Ignition: What Are Its Benefits

A keyless ignition allows a motorist to start the engine of their car without a physical key being inserted into the ignition. The motorist has a transmitter that they must have on them but never has to be inserted. They press on the break and push the start button to turn the car on. While this sounds exciting, some people simply won’t entertain the idea of buying a car with a keyless ignition. Some motorists find this to be dangerous and do not want anything to do with it. Still others find it to be extremely convenient and would rather have this option than not to have it. With some keyless ignitions, you are able to start your car remotely. This is a handy tool when it is cold outside and you want to get the car started before you get inside. With the advances in technology, it stands to reason that there would also be advances in the automotive industry.

Advantages of Keyless Ignition

  • Makes Car Theft Difficult

The possibility of someone stealing your car is minimized with a keyless ignition. Even if a thief is familiar with what is required to go under your hood to maneuver wire to start your engine, it is unlikely that they will take the time to do this. Even when they try, they are not usually able to get the engine started. Without the transmitter, the computer will not receive the code necessary to start the engine. Your transmitter is programmed to only start your car. There are some transmitters that will disable your ignition circuit entirely if it seems as though someone is trying to steal your car. While this may sound like a good idea to most people, there are some who don’t care, especially if they have never had their car stolen or an attempt.


Everyone can undoubtedly see the convenience of having a keyless ignition. You don’t have to fumble around trying to find your car keys. Some people just leave the transmitter in the car so that when they get in, it is already there. The fob simply needs to be in the range of your car in order for your car to receive the signal to start the engine. You won’t have to worry about the key sticking in the ignition or damaging the ignition since you are not putting anything into it. As soon as the transmitter fob has detected the signal, it will automatically start your engine. It can’t be easier than this.

Disadvantages of Keyless Ignition

As was stated earlier, not everyone is a fan of the keyless ignition. You may be wondering why some are so opposed to it, while others couldn’t imagine living without it based on the level of convenience it affords them.

High Cost

At Locksmith Irving TX in Irving, TX, we hear some motorists say that they simply can’t justify paying for such a feature due to the high cost. This is a price that you may find hidden in the total cost of your car, inconspicuously placed in your package price. Since other features are included, you may not notice that higher price you are paying for the keyless ignition. When you consider the level of technology used to design this convenient feature, you might think differently about whether or not it is worth the added expense. There is labor and design that should be considered when you are thinking of something so far advanced. It is labor intense and therefore most manufacturers feel it is worth the added expense to acquire this level of convenience. They are counting on appealing to the consumer who is convenience driven and do not mind spending the higher cost to have this feature in their new car.

Another expense that turns some motorist off to the idea of having a keyless ignition is the cost associated with having a new transmitter key programmed. If you lose your transmitter fob, you will likely have to rely on the services of a locksmith or dealership for a new one. This type of key fob has electronic components and is typically more than $100 U.S.D to have made. It is not like going to your closest hardware store having them cut you another key. The expenses can pile up if you have more than one car with this feature as you may lose the transmitter to those also.

If you are thinking about purchasing a car that offers the keyless ignition feature, you have to give serious consideration to the added expense of having this type of car. If you are looking for convenience, on one hand it certainly offers you this. However, on the other hand, if you have to have another one made and you’re relying on the services of a dealership, you may have to wait for the dealership to open before you can request a new transmitter fob. When you go to the dealership they might take advantage of you because they understand the predicament you find yourself in. If you have had to replace one before, you won’t be happy about being taken advantage of.

Purchasing a Car With Keyless Ignition

It is suggested that you purchase a spare fob when you are purchasing your new car. In some cases, they will offer you one as an added incentive to get you to buy the car. If they do not, simply ask them how much it would cost to have another one programmed in case you lose the one you have. They may offer it to you at a generous discount rate. If they want you to purchase the car, they will usually work with you to get you into the car even if it means losing money on trying to upcharge for an extra key.

Lastly, if you’re considering this type of car, just remember that your ignition switch could fail you at some point. The repairs to a keyless ignition are far more expensive than a tradition ignition.

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