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Apartment Security

There are advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment complex. Some people like the idea of not having the same amount of upkeep, especially if they are away for an extended amount of time. Still there are some who don’t like the idea of living on top of each other. Some people think that living in an apartment gives them more security than living in a stand-alone home. There are precautions that should be made regardless of what type of home you live in. At Locksmith Irving TX, in Irving TX, we like to help our customers remain as safe as possible. You might think that all you have to do is lock up and shut the door behind you, however, we assure you that there are some things that you can do to remain safe and secure that you haven’t even considered. We’re here to break it down for you.

What You Should Do Prior to Moving Into An Apartment

Replace Existing Locks

Yes, it is true that management is supposed to change the locks after every move out. However, in some cases, they do not actually change the locks. They swap them with another apartments lock. This can be dangerous because someone else still has a key to that lock. What if they were to come back and try their hand at every lock in the building? This could prove tragic to whomever now has the lock. Instead of taking unnecessary chances with your security and safety, you can actually purchase your own lock and ask how you can have it installed. At least by purchasing your own lock you will know for certain that a brand new lock has been installed.

Find out About Crime

You can minimize your chances of experiencing a break-in if you live in an area that doesn’t experience many break-ins. You’ll never know this if you do not do your research ahead of time to find out about the crime in the area. One neighborhood may experience a lot of car break-ins while another may experience home break-ins. You should be fully aware of the sort of crime, if any, exists in your area. We would like to suggest that you go to the local police department to find out about the type of crimes in the area. Some are even willing to give potential residents a written report that highlights the types of crimes committed and when they were committed. You can also go online to find out about the types of crimes committed in the area you are considering moving into. Go to CrimeMapping.com or CrimeReports.com to find out more about the crime in your neighborhood.

Make Sure Your Apartment Has a Peephole

This might not seem like much of a big deal unless, of course, you don’t have one. It helps to be able to find out who is at your door before opening up your door. Even if they announce who they are, you can never be sure if they are who they say they are without being able to see them. If the apartment you are thinking of moving into doesn’t come with a peephole, inquire as to how you can have one installed. We wouldn’t suggest that you move into an apartment without a peephole. It simply serves as a way to protect yourself against intruders.

Place Blinds or Curtains Over Windows

If you like a lot of sunlight, it is likely that you might not put blinds up at your window. Perhaps you have blinds up at your windows but do not have them over your sliding glass door. In either case, there should always be something covering up any area of your home where others can peer inside. You shouldn’t allow others to see what you have inside your home unless they are invited to do so. If an intruder knows what they can get out of your home, they may be more prone to break-in. If they do not know what they stand to gain from breaking in, they will be less likely to break into your home. Do yourself a favor by investing in blinds today.

How Well is the Property Being Maintained

Making sure that the property is well-maintained is very important. If the management is making sure that the basic things are taken care of around the property, it is more likely that they will also see to it that the tenants safety and well-being are also attended to. This means they will make sure that there is proper lighting in the walkways, common areas and parking lot. By taking a look around the property to make sure that it is clear of debris, there are no broken lights and no cracked drywall, this is a good indication that the management takes good care of the property and will likely take good care of the building tenants.

Sufficient Lighting

Lighting in an apartment building is very important. There has to be sufficient lightening in order to keep potential intruders out. Burglars tend to stay around buildings where there is dim lighting so that they can go unnoticed. Make sure that the building you’re considering moving into has good lighting in the hallways, parking lot, mail area, common area, entrances and elevators. Not having enough lighting can be dangerous and could pose a serious threat to your safety and security. This is a building that should be avoided if you notice insufficient lighting in these key areas of the property.

The above are some of the things that you might want to take into consideration when you are thinking of moving into an apartment. You should make sure that you feel comfortable with your surroundings and make sure that you feel safe before signing a lease agreement. Safety begins with you. This means that you have to consider your safety whenever you are thinking about moving into a new home. With some forethought, you can keep yourself and your valuables safe and secure, even in an apartment.

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